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I'm Aging. Are you?

I'm Aging. Are You?

First things first, you are beautiful! Stunning, sexy and graceful. But have you ever felt yourself loosing that feeling? If you are like me, a hectic mom with 3 amazing children, I sometimes feel I am lucky to even get out the door with my socks and shoes on, 3 kids in tow! Lately, I found the place, where time lost its grip on me. I felt as if I’m a part of never ending universe, which doesn’t have a beginning or an end. Everything is just a continuous cycle. And with time, we age. 

Yes, time is aging our bodies, but inside we are the same 20-30 years old people, who maybe, just gained a little more experience and wisdom. But, how can we close or, at least shrink that gap between our inner self and our reflection in the mirror?

For centuries people tried to find that magic potion which will bring youth back. Magical serums, diamond water, hocus pocus and the like. So far, no such luck. But, it is possible to slow down the aging of our bodies by treating our skin like it is another child of ours. We as moms need to do what we do for our kids and do it for ourselves.

Just like we do with our little kiddos, we need to take care of our skin. Nurture it. Love it. And we when neglect it, giving it some more love! As my mom always said, “you can always tell the age of a person by their hands.” So keep your Liquid Skin Salve handy, apply as needed, and love you skin!

Your aging gracefully friend,


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  • j on

    This is the first time I’m ever writing about a product that I have purchased. It’s called Sutton family skin care. I first came in contact with this product when I linked on to WNEP TV. On their weekly product that they would test. I watched the video and the reporter named Kirk Allen who hosts this program once a week on this particular TV station. I watched the whole video him at the end of it it showed his son who has the same kind of dried out skin in the winter like I do. The next day or so I found Sutton family skin care and ordered their liquid skin salve for feet. Without looking at the product label, I started using it on my hands. If anyone takes any type of blood thinners you you would know that your skin becomes very thin. I had scratched the upper parts of my hands which created some areas to be extremely irritated. After two times of using the wrong product on my hands I received the product for hands, which I immediately started using.

    Was taking some time for these raised areas to heal, but just as soon as I started using this liquid skin salve twice a day, everything is starting to heal extremely well showing very little sign of previous damage to the skin.

    This product does not leave any kind of or yearly or greasy substance on your fingers, but something that is smooth as silk.

    I recommend this product to ANY ONE that has any type of skin deformities or lack of oils top parts of the skin which causes a lot of these cracks and pain.

    In no way am I being paid for anything that I have said about the product. This product is absolutely excellent. This is something that you need check into it will not cost you a lot of money for a lot of comfort.
    IF you call to speak with the Dr. You WILL speak to Him and not some one that is a SALES Man! LOVE this product. TRY IT!!! You’le LOVE IT!!

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