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Oh my feet, my feet!

Oh my feet, my feet

Don't forget about your feet, after all they carry you around all day, and it gets tiring. They have to bear all the weight; that’s why the leg bones are the strongest. How about the skin on your feet?  On the  earlier stages of embryonic development, brain and skin are developing from the same type of cells and it is not a coincidence that skin has close connections with our internal organs.

One of the main principal of acupuncture is to influence the internal organs by activating very specific points on the skin. Our skin is a kind of a “map” of our internal organs and like a real map there are some places with dense population and some are less populated. One area is the soles of our feet. That’s why one of recommendation of Chinese medicine is to go barefoot to make stronger connection between our bodies and the energy of the Earth.

Our everyday life doesn’t give us  an opportunity to follow this advice. Being constantly on the go: in the car, office, or outside on the pavement we can’t go barefoot. The soles of our feet become too delicate to survive rough conditions of natural trails. Nature created protection for our feet- calluses, it is like natural shoes, but we don’t need them because we are wearing our shoes, calluses form at focal spots that rub then became a nuisance. Our skin is not naturally protected from rubbing and that creates problem like blisters, so to avoid this we should wear socks. Constant rubbing without fresh air creates such problems like sweaty skin, dry skin and fungal infections. In summer months our delicate feet get exposed to the dry air and dust and that creates another problem- painful cracks.

   Liquid Skin Salve for Feet gives you the opportunity to solve this problem. Unique blend of natural ingredients in Liquid Skin Salve will help to protect not just your feet but the whole body from environmental conditions, which can be harsh. We invite you to try  Liquid Skin Salve for Feet,  our customers ( check reviews) consider it to be the best product for cracked heels on the market. Give it a try, your feet will thank you!

Let's take better care of our skin...on our feet too!

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