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  Liquid Skin Salve was born in Sutton's Family out of necessity. Members of our family also have dry skin, and were in great need for a skin product, which would really help to  restore dry, cracked and itchy skin in our own family. Occasionally we were helping the others." The nurses and doctors were very impressed with their personal results, telling me that I've got to make this available to everyone."- Chad Sutton M.D.

  In order to understand, why Liquid Skin Salves are so efficient, we need to understand how our skin works.

 Here are two key points that I want to share with you today!

The skin is the largest organ in our body, and the toughest one. It is the first frontier between our body and physical world around us. From our earliest moments in the womb, the skin and the brain are developing from the same group of cells. Our skin is the first one who sends signals to the brain, making it a pretty smart organ! That's one of the reasons, why we should pay a lot of attention to the condition of our skin. It is a vital organ for our overall function as humans, and we need to take a good care of our skin every day. This is the main reason why we've developed the Liquid Skin Salve for our family and now for you to enjoy!

The second key point is that our entire body is smart, just like our skin. It knows exactly what it needs, when it needs it. Unfortunately the busyness of our lives often prevents us from listening to it. Once it gets too bad, then we try to fix all the problems with a quick fix of drugs or antibiotics, for example. These methods can be quick and easy but are they the best way?

We believe that our bodies can heal most skin irritations without the need for prescriptions. By using elements found in nature, our formula for our Liquid Skin Salve has a great supply of everything skin might need. The unique combination of the components in our proprietary blend called Liquid Skin Salve, allows all of the essential nutrients to penetrate the skin. The skin will repair itself under the right conditions. And in our family, that is a great way to keep the skin healthy!  

Be good to your skin,


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