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If you suffer from diabetic dry skin conditions, cracked heels, split fingers, and rough skin on your hands and feet, you know the frustration of finding relief. You've tried lotions. Oils. Leave-on treatments that left your skin feeling waxy and greasy. You've been irritated by strong-smelling balms that didn't work. The stinging as it was applied. The itching. The embarrassment. Hopeless.

We know that frustration well and we've worked hard to remedy it. Sutton Family Skin Care products were developed out of the need for relief from dry skin. We've put care and precision into making liquid skin salves that provide powerful results. Our formulas showcase lovely scents, vitamins, amino acids, and natural botanicals. If you've tried everything, try us. It'll be the last time you look for a dry skin salve or foot salve that can revitalize your tired skin.

Here's a note from our founder on how the Sutton Family Skin Care line came to be a must-have for anyone looking to care for dry hands and feet. His story is like so many we've heard from our customers. We know what you're going through - and we want to help.

Sutton Family Skin Care was born out of necessity. My dry skin became cracked so often that is was painful to the slightest touch. Washing my hands after every patient, handling instruments with gloves then washing and rinsing again and again. Painful cracks on my hands were just part of the job, I told myself. I tried many creams and salves but they just did not work. I'm glad my wife Tanya tried hard to find an answer. 

Being a supporter of natural compounds and doctor of bio-organic chemistry, Tanya went to the lab with a goal: to find the answer. Working with natural ingredients, she developed a liquid formula that made my skin remarkably smoother, then mended the dry cracks so the pain was relieved.
I liked that our Liquid Skin Salve is easy to apply with a fine mist spray, it goes on fast and rubs right in without a greasy or waxy feel. I also really liked how it’s moisturizing properties stayed on my skin even after washings. I couldn’t find this in any other products I've tried before. 
But the best part is that it works! Right after application, my skin became smoother and softer. Restoring and reinvigorating the skin, in one week I saw my shallow cracks recovered and the pain was gone. Within a few weeks, my deep cracks disappeared.
This is how Sutton Family Skin Care began. A story of love. A story of family devotion. A story of renewal. And now we are happy to share this love with you!

-Charles Sutton, MD.



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