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A Visit to Mother Nature's Pharmacy: the great power of the spider web

So, you decided to go on a hiking trip. The weather is beautiful and the kids are anxious to go for an adventure away from home. Hikes, overnight camps what could be better than enjoying nature, making new friends and creating wonderful memories. But being outdoors and being active also increase risks of injury. Sometimes you don’t need to rush to the nearest pharmacy (which maybe not always available) just look around you. Mother Nature has her own pharmacy right at your fingertips. Here is our tip for taking a visit to Mother Nature's pharmacy. Did you know, that spider web...

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Tips for Trips: Using Moss in 4 Different Ways!

Vacations...road trips...or just a fun weekend out on the road is what summer is all about! But when you go on these trips, it is not a bad idea to have a backup plan ready to deploy just in case. What happens if you run out of supplies and there is no place around to replenish them? You feel stuck. You feel lost. But often times, what you need is there for you. Turn to Mother Nature, she can often give you helping hand. Everybody knows moss, but not everybody knows, that moss can be very handy. Let's take a look:Moss...

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Strawberries and Cosmetics: they go hand in hand!

If your family is anything like ours, we love picking strawberries and come home with so much more than we can eat! So what else can you do with them besides eat, preserve, bake or make into a smoothie? How about a facial mask! Do you know, that strawberries have amazing cosmetic properties? Due to the high content of fruit acids in strawberries, they have an amazing peeling effect and are recommended for contaminated skin and to assist in removing blackheads. When strawberries are put into a mask, they help to narrows the pores, making it great for people with...

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This beautiful and mighty berry- strawberry!

recipes for preserving strawberries strawberries

June is the month of the very first crop of summer season – STRAWBERRIES! Strawberries always symbolize the beginning of summer at the Sutton house. We love these amazingly tasty and fragrant berries that are chock full of goodness. With every sweet bite there is a huge amount of valuable vitamins including the highest level of vitamin A (retinol), folic acid, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), biotin, fiber, potassium and calcium. Strawberries are delicious to eat fresh, make jams or we love to use them in baking. What can you do if you picked too many strawberries - you can’t eat all of...

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Hey Dad! We love you!

  How to describe the role of a Father? It is more obvious with Mother; even after the umbilical cord is physically cut there is always invisible connection between mother and her baby which lasts forever. With Dads the situation is more complicated. Dads have to work much harder to earn a intimate connection with their kids. At the same time, Dads usually support their family financially keeping them out of the house more than they would like. Dads are also the role model for their kids on many levels, from their behavior to their appearance. In modern days, when...

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