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Spring is here! Learn my Tips of when to Plant by What's Around You!

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Spring is a very busy time. Lots of things should be done in the garden: cleaning, pruning, sowing. But did you ever wonder how to figure out when is the best time to plant? A planting guide is estimated from old calendars and is not that accurate. Are there are better ways to figure out the dates?

Yes there is! You start by just taking a look around. Trees in the nearby woods feel the seasons change and will show it to you. Different types of trees have different root systems, some trees have shallow roots, but others like oak have very deep roots. The structure of the root systems bring about the opening of their buds. Trees with shallow roots show leaves earlier as soon as the ground warms up a little, on the other hand oaks open their buds last. That means, you can figure out more accurately the day of planting in your area. So, what are the main milestones? Here is my personal guide to get you started!

  • Willows blooming mean it's time to plant radishes and carrots
  • Cherries booming signal the time to plant dill
  • Lilacs in full bloom show it's time to plant vegetables and decorative plants, and transplant from indoors to outdoors.
  • Birches open their buds when the top 2 inch of ground warm up; when birches start blooming, that means the top 4 inches of earth  has warmed.
  • Apple trees start blooming reveals that it's time to plant gladiolus, beets, evergreens and cabbage.
  • It's time to plant potatoes when the almonds start blooming.

Don't forget to take a look at the trees around you. They sense the ground temperatures and indicate when to plant!

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In the next blog we will tell you, how Moon influences the plant growth.

Happy gardening!


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