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Have you ever wondered what type of skin you have?! Head over and take the quiz Sophie at My Awesome Beauty created to help you discover you skin type.

Discover Your Skin Type


The weather is turning cooler and it's time to bring the outside in. Join Claire as shows you 10 great Autumnal DIY projects for your home.

10 great Autumnal DIY projects


Our blog series continues! In Part 2 we discuss that you may want to be careful when selecting a sunscreen! About two-thirds of sunscreens offer sub-par protection or contain ingredients that may harm your health.  Head to our blog to read more!

Part Two: Be Careful When Selecting a Sunscreen


Sunscreen is a hot topic during the summer! We've put together a 3 part blog series to breakdown all things #Sunscreen.⠀
Keep an eye out over the next week to learn how it works, what really is SPF, ingredients to avoid and how to get the best sun protection when you are outside.⠀

Part One: How Does Sunscreen Work


Have you always wanted to #compost but it seemed way too complicated? Edible Communities breaks it down and shows you how to build a compost bin. Treat your plants to some amazing compost and treat your hands with our Salves after all your hard work!

Build Your Own Compost Bin


Looking for something fun to do this summer? Why not spread a little beauty with seed bombs! Edible Community shows you how. 

Spread Beauty with Seed Bombs

Spread Beauty with Seed Bombs








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