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We believe the best advertisements we can give is right from our customers! Here are some of our recent testimonials and product reviews.


 A Girl's Gotta Spa Blog: Product Review

Kurt Aaron of WNEP's "Does it Really Work?" Product Testing & Segment 


"After using the product on my fingers and hands for one week, I noticed a drastic difference in how my hands felt and looked. The redness and pain was reducing and my cracks were healing. After two weeks, they were healed!" Mari W., mother and homemaker, Dunmore, PA


 Felt like an invisible glove protecting my hands which was great at my job where I use my hands a lot." Stephan S., mechanic, Mayfield, PA 


"I loved this product since the day I started using it! Easy to use and it worked! Thank you Sutton Family Skin Care!" Lori H., Glenburn, PA


"Where have you been all of my life! My feet are finally healing!" Sharon M., lab tech, Clarks Summit, PA


"When I first applied it, it made my hands feel smooth and moisturized for the first time in a long time. YES!" Georgia P., teacher, Scranton, PA 


"I loved that it wasn't greasy at all and that I could put my gloves on immediately after application. I couldn't do that before with a lotion." Sandra W., nurse, Moscow, PA


“In my opinion, the product has worked excellent. I’ve seen improvement on my hands. My hands have gone from looking and feeling rough to feeling really soft. I use the product two times a day and it makes my hands smell great. I believe it is a great product.” Juan P., electrician, Scranton, PA


“I tried – it really works! I sprayed on my friends’ hands at a birthday party and they loved it! My friend who was having the birthday thought I was crazy, but then she tried it too!” Kathryn C., front desk clerk, Waverly, NY


“I liked it, it rubs right into my hands. All of my friends wanted to try it and love it!” Kathie M., assistant cook and cleaner, Athens, PA 


“I have trouble with my feet cracking. I put this liquid on twice a day, the cracking stopped and the skin got better.” Dorene R., office assistant, Dunmore, PA 


“I had this dry rash that wouldn’t go away, no matter what I put on it. I tried everything. I put this stuff on and it did the trick! The rough dry area is gone.” Janet R., lab assistant, Brattleboro, VT


“I have to wash my hands many times a day, rub that alcohol disinfectant gel before I see each patient and my hands get skin cracks. Especially the fingertips. Spraying this liquid on my fingers helps the cracks heal up.” Kelly W., nurse, Elmira, NY




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