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Why Skin Gets Dry. How LSS Helps.

Did you ever wonder why your skin gets dry? Dr. Sutton explains why.

It's not simply water drying off from our skin – if you keep your skin in water it wrinkles and feels strange. You know that feeling when you are in the tub too long. See, there is an ultra thin layer of liquid protecting the outer layer of skin and keeping it moist.

When skin loses its natural moisturizing layer it starts to dry. Many things dry out your skin, external exposures are common causes: washing the skin with soap or detergent, cleaning agents and hand sanitizers. Warm or hot showers and baths dry out the skin afterwards. Exposure to dry air with low humidity can also reek havoc on your skin. Indoors in the winter there is low humidity from dry heating. During summer constant exposure to air conditioning also dries out skin.

There are internal causes of dry skin, too. As we age there are metabolic changes and the skin glands makes less natural moisturizing factors, decreasing the natural liquid, named the "acid mantle" by scientists in 1928. Physiological skin aging process: skin cells (keratinocytes) move slower from the basal level to the surface and oil glands become less active. Genetics has a role too, some families have skin that produces more of the natural liquid for the skin's surface, and others have less.

All of these contribute to dry skin. This skin can feel itchy, scaly, cracked and turn red when rubbed. Rough fabrics or scratching increase the irritation.

So, how does Liquid Skin Salve and the key ingredient in our products, help?

Remember, that skin's natural moisturizers include oils, triglycerides, wax esters, amino acids, water, squalane and free fatty acids that help hold water inside your skin. Dry skin does not have enough of these, and skin produces less as we age. Here's where Liquid Skin Salve comes in; it renews skin with natural components that are missing.

What is Liquid Skin Salve?

Liquid Skin Salve is a 100% natural substance, which means that it can be easily used by the body. It has many essential amino acids that are required for life and growth but not manufactured in the body and have to be obtained directly though the diet or applied to the skin.

Amino acids are the main components of proteins, which are essential for all cells. When skin is damaged (dried out or cracked) it needs emergency repair so the body activates inflammation which is the "Help!" signal for the body. Liquid Skin Salve provides the necessary ingredients right on the spot, and there is no more need for inflammation to combat surface damage. The Liquid Skin Salve formula adds even more skin-nourishing ingredients which help to restore the natural moisturizing layer on skin. Mageonick is our name for a unique blend of components that are derived from ancient earth.This extraordinary rare ingredient helps the skin restore itself, heal cracks, and keeps your skin refreshed.

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