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Learn the signs nature provides for successful spring planting

Liquid Skin Salve for Gardeners replenishes your skin after a day in the dirt

Spring blossoms

Did you know that Mother Nature herself provides clues as to the best times for planting various vegetables and flowers? You don’t have to complete your planting agenda in one day, nor should you. 

Surprisingly, it is trees that provide the visual clues expert gardeners use in deciding when to plant specific varieties. Different species of trees have different root systems, with the depth of those root systems responding to soil temperatures at different times during the spring warm-up. 

The structure of these root systems affects when buds open up. Trees with shallow roots display their leaves earlier than those with deeper roots, such as oaks. Here is a list of milestones you can use in determining ideal planting times:

  • Willow blooming means it’s time to plant radishes and carrots.
  • Cherries blooming signals it’s time to plant dill.
  • Lilacs in full bloom indicate it’s time to plant vegetables and decorative plants or transplant them from indoors to outdoors.
  • Birches open their buds when the top 2 inches of ground warms up. When birches start blooming, that means the top 4 inches of ground has warmed.
  • Apple trees blooming mean it’s time to plant gladiolus, beets, evergreens, and cabbage.
  • If you have almond trees in your area, their blooms indicate it’s time to plant potatoes. 

Keep your hands soft during the garden season with Liquid Skin Salve for Gardeners 

Spring is a very busy time of year for gardeners. Dirt puts additional stress on your skin. Keeping your hands soft through the digging and frequent hand washing can be a challenge, which is why Sutton Family Skin Care developed its Liquid Skin Salve for Gardeners. 

Liquid Skin Salve for Gardeners is made to revitalize skin stressed by working outdoors. Gardeners, farmers, landscapers, and other outdoor workers benefit from the natural, yet powerful moisturizers and nourishment included in the formula. Its light scent features fresh green notes of sweet basil and green ivy that men and women can enjoy. 

Keep an eye on the trees, and have a successful spring planting season!

About Sutton Family Skin Care

Sutton Family Skin Care is a family-owned business based in Chinchilla, Pennsylvania. Its products are made in the USA with all-natural ingredients and 100 percent free from animal testing. For more information about Sutton Family Skin Care products or to place an order, please visit, email, or call 888-272-5788. 

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