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A Visit to Mother Nature's Pharmacy: the great power of the spider web

So, you decided to go on a hiking trip. The weather is beautiful and the kids are anxious to go for an adventure away from home. Hikes, overnight camps what could be better than enjoying nature, making new friends and creating wonderful memories.

Spider Web

But being outdoors and being active also increase risks of injury. Sometimes you don’t need to rush to the nearest pharmacy (which maybe not always available) just look around you. Mother Nature has her own pharmacy right at your fingertips. Here is our tip for taking a visit to Mother Nature's pharmacy. Did you know, that spider web could be a wonderful bandage?

For centuries people used spider webs to dress their wounds. I have heard a story from my grandmother about her uncle who just swept a spider web on his badly cut bleeding finger and it never get inflamed and healed nicely. There are many benefits to these webs that we often overlook.

  • An open wound treated with a cluster of spider webs will dry faster.
  • Cobwebs also have anti-fungal and antiseptic properties that keep bacteria away, minimizing the chances of infection.
  • Cobwebs efficiently stops bleeding.
  • Spider webs are also high in vitamin K, a vitamin that help in blood clotting.

Spider Web

And if the spider web has harden on your wound, just run your wound over warm water to loosen it up. In the incidence that you can't find a spider web in nature, then you can use our Liquid Skin Salve for Dry Skin and it will act like spider web, helping to speed up the healing time.

Enjoy the summer and happy trails!


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