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Can others see too much by reading your palms?

Our hands also carry a lot of information about ourselves.  The art of palm reading has been around for many centuries. Just like our DNA, all hands are distinctive: the lines on the palm and fingerprints are unique for every human being. But why do we have these lines? Are we born with them, or they appear later in life?

The lines on our hands begin when we're inside our mother's womb, during gestation. These palm lines, or palmar creases develop around 12 weeks, but people first see them on the baby’s hand after birth. They provide places for the hands' skin to fold without puckering out pads of loose skin. It's easier for babies and all of us to get a grip, holding things tight. Our hands can stretch out flat, scrunch up into a fist then flatten out fast.

The thickness and number of creases on the palm also depend on factors such as family history and genetics. Most people have 3 prominent creases across the palm. Some people are also known to have single crease, known as simian crease, fortunately this term is not used much anymore because it is usually normal. The lines on the hand form for good by 6 years of age, forming palmar creases, allowing movement and adapting to the shape of the child's hands.

Palmar creases can change during serious illnesses: darken, lighten, or fade.  The lines on the palms are changing through the whole lifetime, although the main picture stays the same. With age skin loses its elasticity and develops additional lines, with the existing lines get deeper.

So the next time someone wants to read your palms, too many skin cracks and wrinkles might give person the wrong impression! Keep your hands looking fabulous with Liquid Skin Salve for Hands. Watch as it replenishes missing moisture as it improves how your skin looks and feels.


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Medically reviewed on 8/17/2016

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