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Who needs chemicals? Just plant the right plants together, and watch them team up to keep each other healthy, repel pests, attract insects, improve flavor and even fix nitrogen in the soil. It's truly remarkable how smart Mother Nature is! Here are some of the most effective pairing, along with not to plant together:


Borage+tomatoes,cabbage, strawberries

Catnip+ squash, cucumbers

Chamomile+cucumbers,cabbage,onions, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower

Dill+cucumbers, cabbage, lettuce

Marigolds+ anything

Nasturtium+cucumbers, cabbage,melon, squash,tomatoes

Onion/garlic+ most anything



Do not plant:

Dill or tomatoes near carrots

Potatoes,cabbage,cauliflower or corn near tomatoes

Onion or garlic near asparagus, beans or peas

Mint near asparagus

Happy gardening!

pole beans or mustard greens near beets

Cucumbers, pumpkins,radish, sunflower, squash or tomatoes near potatoes

any member of the cabbage family near strawberries


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