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Do you have a green thumb? Sometimes it is hard to get. Let the moon be your guide.

Moon in the Sky

Gardening takes patience and time. Sometimes getting that green thumb can be a long and frustrating road but in the end, the rewards of beautiful flowers, trees, sweet juicy fruits, and the freshest vegetables make it all worth it. When we garden, we put so much care into what we do. And when we face challenges, some problems are easy to fix but others seem depend on luck. But is that really so?

When you plant, sometimes it picks up right away, yet other times it takes longer for the same type of the plants to grow, they come up weak and don’t give a good crop. Why does that happen?

Let’ take a look at the night sky. We can see part of it anywhere, even in NYC, where you can’t see any stars at all.  Yes, I am talking about the Moon. We know from school that the Moon has different phases: new Moon, waxing Moon, full Moon, waning Moon and new Moon again. At the shore, the Moon causes tides, the most visible consequence of Moon’s influence on the Earth. But the Moon influences many other aspects of our life and one of them is plant growth.

The experience accumulated by many generations of gardeners combined with knowledge of astronomy shows that the strength of plants is influenced by the Moon.  A waxing Moon really helps plants that grow the edible vegetable above ground, like tomatoes, lettuces, peppers, eggplants, etc. The waning Moon helps to grow healthy plants with underground vegetation like potatoes, carrots, radishes, etc. On the contrary, the Full Moon doesn’t grow strong and productive plants;  it is best not to plant then. So, next time you want to plant something look up in the sky first.

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