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Gardening Hands Can Heal Quickly with a Little Help

Gardening Hands Can Heal Quickly with a Little Help

Liquid Skin Salve for Gardeners | Sutton Family Skin Care


   Washing your hands thoroughly as soon as you get done in the garden is a good first step in skin care, but it also dries the skin and contributes to gardening hands conditions such as cracked skin and flaky skin. Liquid Skin Salve for Gardeners restores the natural moisture balance in the skin and returns gardening hands to normal in a short period of time.

“I developed our Liquid Skin Salve for Gardeners to mimic the proportions of moisturizers and other natural elements our skin makes on its own,” explains Tanya Sutton, PhD, an organic chemist who specializes in natural compounds. “Our formula features the ideal ratios of essential amino acids, vitamins, natural organic extracts and other all-natural components that instantly boost moisture levels and repair dry, cracked skin.”

The product features easy spray-on application, works well with hand sanitizers and has shown to be effective for gardeners who have eczema.

Gardeners don't just need protection from the elements on their hands, they need to restore and revive all of the skin. Therefore we put together our best sellers in our Gardener Set! Perfect to keep with you as you garden and take care of all of your skin! Made in the USA, Liquid Skin Salve for Gardeners is safe for people with diabetes because of its all-natural ingredients.


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Sutton Family Skin Care is a family-owned business based in Chinchilla, Pennsylvania. Its products are made in the USA with all-natural ingredients and 100 percent free from animal testing. For more information, head over to Our Story or Shop Now for healthy skin!

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