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Healthcare workers often struggle with dry skin from handwashing

You’re not alone if you have cracked hands from all that handwashing

Nurse washing hands


Healthcare workers share a common challenge regardless of their specific duties or the initials behind their name, and that is dry skin from the constant handwashing that is required during the course of a day. Sutton Family Skin Care products were developed as a direct result of the frustration Dr. Chad Sutton faced with dry, cracked hands in his role as an interventional radiologist.

Frequent handwashing and subsequent drying can sap the moisture from your hands. This can result in cracks in the skin that allow germs to enter and additional skin irritation. Providing a supplemental moisture source to replenish what handwashing takes away is the key to keeping your hands soft, smooth and healthy.

Liquid Skin Salve for Dry Skin is the ideal fix for dry hands 

Tanya Sutton, PhD, used her expertise in bio-organic chemistry to develop the Liquid Skin Salve for Dry Skin product for which Sutton Family Skin Care is best known. With her physician husband as her test subject, Tanya refined the formula until it performed to their satisfaction. 

The spray-on liquid is easy to apply, delivering natural moisturizers in a fine mist that immediately improves skin softness without an unpleasant slippery feeling. The all-natural ingredients help your skin begin the healing process right away, reversing the damage done by a day filled with handwashing. Sutton Family Skin Care products are completely free from animal testing (except for one husband). 

Tanya recommends using Liquid Skin Salve for Dry Skin after any washing activity, including bathing, showering, handwashing on the job, or even activities of daily living such as washing dishes. Your hands will thank you for the extra attention. 

About Sutton Family Skin Care

Sutton Family Skin Care is a family-owned business based in Chinchilla, Pennsylvania. Its products are made in the USA with all-natural ingredients and 100 percent free from animal testing. For more information about Sutton Family Skin Care products or to place an order, please visit, email, or call 888-272-5788.

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