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Here Comes Grandparents' Day! Help their Skin Get Ready!

Fall is coming. Today, the weather is more like July than September but the signs of fall are starting. Days begin to shorten, plants stop growing, and nature starts preparing for the cold weather. It’s time to get ready for the cold windy weather, too.

The changes in the weather will be the most stressful for our largest organ: our skin. Freezing temperatures outside and dry heat inside dries the skin. Dry skin is very common among adults, especially grandparents. As we get older, our skin’s glands that make natural skin moisturizing factors become less active and our skin may become very itchy, worse during winter months. Scratching feels good, yet once we start scratching it’s hard to stop!

Sometimes it is hard to find relief. The itchiness caused by the dry skin is common and can be very severe. People don’t want to talk about itching and scratching - it can be embarrassing, and, at the same time, it is hard to find relief: over the counter and even prescribed medication do not work well for this problem. Our family has had the same problem and that is why we developed our hallmark products, Liquid Skin Salves for various applications: Dry Skin, For Feet and even for Gardeners.

The first trials of Liquid Skin Salve for our grandparents were very successful, after 2-3 applications the itching disappeared! With Liquid Skin Salve, you can easily and effectively help your skin to restore itself to its natural state and keep it there through the fall and winter seasons. Just a few sprays a day will keep the itchiness, redness and cracking at bay! 

Since then we’ve received feedback from many customers who finally found relief by using Liquid Skin Salve. We’re glad to get reviews like this:

“I have suffered for years with itchy, dry skin on my legs and feet that would bother me during the night to the point of having to awaken to treat with lotion. Was told by doctors "It's just dry skin" without providing me a proven relief method that worked. Saw these products on a WNEP-TV segment. Well, I gave it two weeks use and my itchy legs do not bother me during the night as they did. I apply this twice daily (morning and bedtime) and my problem has been solved. Thank you, Dr. Sutton for your wonderful product!”

 Next time, when you go to visit grandparents, don't forget to give them the gift of healthy skin.

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