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Hey Dad! We love you!

Happy Father's Day | Sutton Family Skin Care


How to describe the role of a Father? It is more obvious with Mother; even after the umbilical cord is physically cut there is always invisible connection between mother and her baby which lasts forever.

With Dads the situation is more complicated. Dads have to work much harder to earn a intimate connection with their kids. At the same time, Dads usually support their family financially keeping them out of the house more than they would like. Dads are also the role model for their kids on many levels, from their behavior to their appearance. In modern days, when kids get exposed to the huge number of games, movies and cartoons starting at a very early age, Dad’s role becomes especially important to their children. They need Dad’s help to get oriented and figure out how to make the right choice. Fathers also teach kids how to tell if it wasn’t the right choice, to admit that they made a mistake and to make the change that is needed. We’re still trying to figure out how to do this without blaming anyone, including ourselves and our kids.

All in all it is not an easy job to be a Father; it’s a lot different than simply looking like a Dad! Any adult actor can look Dad-ish: shaven or unshaven, neat or messy, with or without kids nearby. But really being a Father is not appreciated as much as it should. On this Father's Day we want to say “Thank You!” to all Fathers.

Happy Father’s Day!

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