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My First Valentine

Oh, no, not again! That was my thought when I heard that she couldn’t go skating again, all because she had a paper due Monday. Then why did she tell me to bring my ice skates all the way from Russia?!

It was almost the end of the winter season and all of the stores started restocking new spring fashion outfits for the coming season.

To compensate for breaking her promise, my friend suggested that I check out the new selection of spring fashion designs in the stores surrounding Central Park in Manhattan. I followed her advice, but I also bravely decided to go skating even if I had to do it alone. I knew that there was the beautiful Wollman ice rink in Central park, and I grabbed my skates to take with me on the shopping trip. I am famous among my friends for getting lost, and as expected, I got lost.

Valentine's Day

I found myself with the skates, hopelessly trying to find the rink in Central Park. I thought that music might be the most reliable source for guidance, as ice rinks usually have it playing. If I were anywhere else, allowing the music to guide me would have probably worked, but not in Central park! Who knew, that almost every food stand and little restaurant had outdoor music playing! I was hopelessly lost.

Finally, a bright idea struck me: I could find somebody with ice-skates and simply follow them. With any luck they will bring me to Wollman rink, although they could be returning from the rink as well.

But I had no other choice.

Luckily, it worked and I got to the ice rink--although much later--than I had planned. The rink was very crowded, but despite that we met each husband and I.

He was my first Valentine! And that is how Chad & I met, on a chilly winter evening in Central Park. Many moons later, 3 children in tow, he will always be my first and very best Valentine! 

Valentine's Day

What is your love story? Do you have a special Valentine this year? We would love to read about it! Feel free to comment below and Happy Valentine's Day!



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