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Skin Care During Flu Season- Liquid Skin Salve.

Why is taking care of your skin so important during the flu season?
You know that the flu season is here, it comes every winter. The flu is caused by viruses, so the vaccine lowers the risk of getting sick. Yet there are many viral infections that vaccines can not prevent.
Our skin protects us from all kinds of infections. But there are some gaps.
How do viruses can enter your body?

-Through the mouth and nose by inhaling air.

-Through the eyes, mouth, and open wounds by touching.

  Rules to be safe: wash your hands more often or use a hand
sanitizer that’s at least 60% alcohol.
  Here comes the problem: more hand washing and hand sanitizer remove our skin’s natural protective layer and dries it out. Dry skin causes cracks and cracks are open doors for the infection. That’s why skincare preventing cracks and sore spots are especially important during cold and flu season.

 Liquid SkinSalve restores the natural protective layer on the surface of the skin, gives your skin a chance to recover faster, and restores your shield against infection.

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