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Gardening is here! Are your hands ready?

Spring is here!

Spring finally came. The snow has melted and the soil is warm enough; it's time for planting. The gardeners are rushing to the nurseries to buy seeds or plants for their gardens. You can find all kind of tools to help digging, pruning and do almost everything that you need to take care of the plants. Yet one thing is usually missing. Something to take care of us gardeners! Think about this: the hands of the gardener become dried by the soil, scraped by the little rocks and sand, pricked by the thorns, and can be turned into a rough, scaly mess. Our neighbor calls it "Velcro hands". Her husband works outdoors and hasVelcro hands, too.

We at Sutton Family Skin Care know this ourselves thanks to many years of devoted gardening. Skin roughened by the outdoors is the main reason for creating this new Liquid Skin Salve for Gardeners. This salve for Gardeners has some of the same qualities as our wonderful Liquid Skin Salve for Dry Skin, and it is also reinforced by extra ingredients which help to soothe gardener’s hands at the end of the day.

Now you can enjoy gardening and keep your hands smooth at the same time!

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