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St. Valentine, what's your story?

 Happy Valentine's Day | Sutton Family Skin Care


Have you ever wondered about the history of our traditions? What is the story behind Valentine’s Day?

Let's get into ancient Rome. In February they had a big pagan celebration of fertility: Lupercalia. Fertility is the essence of life, that’s why this festival was one of the most important. At that time Christianity was still new religion and was just beginning to spread around. It was very important for Christianity to be accepted and pope Gelasius I recast this pagan festival as a Christian feast day around 496 AD, declaring Feb 14 to be St. Valentine’s Day.

The story of Valentine, who gave his name to this holiday remains unclear, but one way or another, it was the story of love and devotion.

On this day we show love and appreciation to the people we care about. May we suggest a gift which will be definitely appreciated by you and your loved one? Our gift is healthy, youthful skin.

Have you ever had the bouquet of flowers which were so pretty, that you wish you could preserve them forever? Well… there is one recipe, which helps to save their freshness. You should put your flowers in the mixture of one part of glycerin and two parts of water for 2-3 weeks, and one more step: to make glycerin penetrate into the stem of the flowers, you should smash the bottom inch or two with the hammer (one or two whacks will be enough). How about that for an awesome DIY trick!

Liquid Skin Salve's goal is the same: to make glycerin and other natural components renew the skin (but to avoid whacking part, no hammer is needed!). The unique formula that you'll find in our Liquid Skin Salve helps to make your skin gentle and refreshing. Feel silky smooth skin on yourself and the one your love this Valentine’s Day and every day.

We will be very glad to share our gift of smooth, youthful skin with you.

 Happy Valentine’s Day!

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