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Thanksgiving Tricks and Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday!

Taking care of the house is not an easy job, especially around the holidays. All of our efforts are almost invisible until something goes wrong or our home gets left without attention for a while. Do other moms feel this way? My grandmother used to call our house a "black hole" which consumes all the efforts and always needs more. It's a tough job, but one that I love and one that I wish could be a little easier sometimes. 

Did you wish that your fairy godmother appears to help you to fix a problem or two? It's your lucky day! Here is a magic wand, a few tricks and tips that I love to have handy when needed! If we can stress less, I am all for it!

With Thanksgiving approaching fast, there is an avalanche of planning and cooking coming your way. Try these tricks in the kitchen to enjoy it just a little bit more!

Trick 1) Dish too salty? How to fix a dish that's over salted: when this happens with your soup or casserole add a pinch of rice, it will absorb extra salt.

Trick 2) Tasty cookies stuck down? If your cookies or cake are stuck to the baking sheet, put the sheet on the wet towel and let sit for 5-10 minutes. Your cookies will slide off the baking sheet without breaking.

Trick 3) Got burned? Spray it at once with Sutton Family Skin Care Liquid Skin Salve for Dry Skin to restore the natural moisturizing factors, avoid the sudden dryness that can result in blistering. Here are some testimonials for a customers who used this trick with great success! 

"I burned myself cooking the other day. I absentmindedly grabbed for the handle of a pot that just came out of the oven. Ouch!!! I was told that Sutton skin salve worked great on burns, so I quickly ran to get it and sprayed it on. It really took the sting out and by the next day it was if it never happened! Thanks Sutton Family for helping me avoid a blister! These products are quality for sure!" -Eileen H. 

"Love and works!!! I got a large burn on my arm from my oven door and immediately sprayed the burn with Sutton skin salve. It not only calmed the redness but it also did not welt the next day. No pain, no sting!! Great family business I highly recommend!" -Jess D. 

We hope these quick and easy tricks and tips will help ease you into Thanksgiving with less stress and more time for family. We would like to hear your stories, and maybe, you can share some of your tricks with us too? We would love to hear them in the comments below!

From ours to yours...

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