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The gift of Liquid Skin Salve

The gift of Liquid Skin Salve | Sutton Family Skin Care

Hi friends!

Every time we give Liquid Skin Salve to somebody, we give them instructions how to use it. Some people believe in Liquid Skin Salve so much, that they try it for other purposes. My friend’s elderly mother was suffering from terrible itch; none of the ointments she tried could help her. So my friend decided to give Liquid Skin Salve to her mom. After only one application her mom forgot about her itch! It no longer bothered her and she was ecstatic! We were too! We really love hearing and seeing the wonderful outcomes of our products.

My mother found another use for the Liquid Skin Salve for Hands. She always keeps a bottle of it in the kitchen. Easy to find; easy to use. Once, while frying fish, she got splattered with the boiling oil. She rinsed her arm with water and immediately sprayed her burned skin with the Liquid Skin Salve for Hands. For about one hour she still felt the burning sensation and pain, but then pain disappeared and so did the burn. The next day she couldn’t believe her eyes: No blisters; she couldn’t even find the burned spot!

Have you tried it for a new purpose? We would love to hear your experiences! Drop us a line at

And the moral of the story is, keep Liquid Skin Salve handy, just in case!

All the best,

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