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The Science Behind Liquid Skin Salve

Now we want to share with you the science behind it!

The compounds in Liquid Skin Salve are derived from deposits of organic and mineral substrates that the earth developed naturally, through changes in evolution, geology and climate. Think about energy rich substances like oil and gas, these developed over millions of years in 3 stages: starting as microscopic plants and animals (biomass), buried deep in the ground with pressure on the biomass it turned into oil and gas, then were trapped in between layers of rock or clay. 

One of the key  that makes Liquid Skin Salve work so well is how it mimics the natural proteins in our skin. Because it's derived from natural sources, the amino acids in Liquid Skin Salve are formed correctly, the same way as in natural proteins.

You see, when the same amino acids are made synthetically, half have the correct shape and half are mirror images, like a right hand versus a left hand. The body is made of the left shapes, built from left handed amino acids. Our body proteins are expecting a left hand shape for a handshake; a right hand won't fit. Synthetic, wrong shapes don't fit into natural proteins and can't be used by the body. But all of the amino acids from Liquid Skin Salve have the proper shape and fit into our body's proteins correctly and this is what makes Liquid Skin Salve so special!

Another added benefit to our products is that when we put these special compounds into the Liquid Skin Salve products it specifically works in tandem to benefit the ultra thin liquid on the surface of the skin, known as the acid mantle. When we wash away the acid mantle with repeated hand washing, Liquid Skin Salve comes to the rescue to put that layer back on your skin to protect and moisturize it naturally. 


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Medically reviewed on 8/17/2016

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