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Tips for Trips: Using Moss in 4 Different Ways!

Vacations...road trips...or just a fun weekend out on the road is what summer is all about! But when you go on these trips, it is not a bad idea to have a backup plan ready to deploy just in case. What happens if you run out of supplies and there is no place around to replenish them? You feel stuck. You feel lost. But often times, what you need is there for you. Turn to Mother Nature, she can often give you helping hand.

Tips for Trips: Using Moss in 4 ways

Everybody knows moss, but not everybody knows, that moss can be very handy. Let's take a look:

Moss to dress a wound: You can use moss like a dressing for a wound. Many types of moss, including sphagnum, act similarly to natural iodine and is purportedly sterile because of its quality. Moss can be good for soothing and healing rashes too. After cleaning the wound apply moss as a bandage and change it after the moss dries out. Relief will come quickly.

Moss to build a shelter: Moss will also be your helper in building a shelter. Cover your shelter with moss and it will keep you dry. In 24 hours root system of moss will grow together and you will have a basic, naturally waterproof roof.

Moss as an insulator: Moss is also great insulator as it will keep your house warm or cold whichever you need at this time (maybe that’s why the gnomes usually covered their houses with moss).

Moss as a filter: You can use sphagnum moss to filter the water and some types of moss are edible too.

Moss, even with all of its unusual properties does not take care of your skin like Sutton Family Skin Care. Our Liquid Skin Salves always give you helping hand whenever you need it to keep your skin healthy.Leave some space for it in your backpack.

Having a back up plan makes it less likely that you'll need it – more confidence in the primary plan!

Have a Great Summer and Stay Safe!

~The Sutton Family

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