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Valentine’s Day had an interesting journey to February 14


Valentines couple

Have you ever wondered about the story behind Valentine’s Day? Like many of our modern holidays, Valentine’s Day has its roots in an ancient pagan celebration.

Fertility was vitally important to the Romans at a time when the early Catholic Church constantly battled to earn legitimacy. A group of superstitious Romans, led by Senator Andromachus, revived the February 14 fertility festival of Lupercalia during the reign of Pope Gelasius I in about 496 A.D.

Pope Gelasius I strongly condemned the pagan festival and replaced it with a feast day honoring St. Valentine, a martyr from a century earlier. It wasn’t until about the 14th century, nearly a thousand years later, that St. Valentine’s Day came to be celebrated as a day of romance.

Natural skin care from Sutton Family makes an ideal Valentine’s Day gift 

Valentine’s Day has evolved to become a day on which we show love and appreciation to the people we care about with gifts and other symbols of affection.

With that in mind, may we suggest giving the gift of healthy, youthful skin? It is a gift you can give yourself as well as loved ones of any age.

Sutton Family Skin Care’s Liquid Skin Salve uses a proprietary blend of natural ingredients to help refresh the skin and make it feel soft. Its unique formula renews the skin much like how one might extend the life of a beautiful bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers.

Here’s a DIY trick you can use: Put your flowers in a mixture of one part glycerin and two parts water. Then, smash the bottom inch or two of the stems with a hammer to help the glycerin penetrate the stems, and voila! Your flowers will stay fresh longer. 

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your loved ones from Sutton Family Skin Care.

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