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We are hand obsessed. Are you?

 I'm Aging. Are You?


Did you ever sit back and think about your hands? Just take 1 minute of your day and observe how much you use them. To write, to hold and move with care. To do our job, perform a task or drive a car. Ours hands are some of the most important body parts that assist us almost every second of our lives. So let’s dig a little deeper into what our hands hold. 

We use our hands all the time for different kind of jobs. Whether it is for rough jobs that require physical labor and burn calories; or for precise jobs, requiring more care and precision than physical strength, our hands are so important to our everyday tasks.

And our hands have such different shapes. Thin palms and fingers are perfect for a model or a seamstress. Wide long hands help some great swimmers get to the finish line faster. Flexible fast digits are great for a heart surgeon. Our skin moves a lot, with every motion of the fingers and palms. 

Our hands feel how we care for them. A few moments of care can prepare them for hours of use: playing, doing,making, touching and being touched. We feel the surface of our skin, and others feel it too. Silky smooth hands says a lot about ourselves, without saying a word. Liquid Skin Salve for Hands gives your skin this feel, quietly saying a lot about you. 

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