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What are those holes in my yard? How to turn a mole holes into flowers!

Mole Holes in Yard

While it may not be spring quite yet, it certainly feels like it with this wave of warm weather! If you are like me, you are starting to get the gardening itch! As the snows melts and first green grass starts showing up, some of us gardeners could be unpleasantly surprised seeing their front lawn covered with mole holes and mounds of soil around each. When it happened to me couple years ago I was horrified at first but then, after giving some thinking to it, I thought that I should thank little diggers for that. Look at that from a gardener's point of view. They did all the digging and soil cultivating for you! You just need to use it to your advantage. Yes, it maybe not the way you would like to plan it, but you definitely can use it. In my case, I planted crocuses in the mole holes and next year all my front lawn was covered with beautiful flowers.

Spring the Garden

You can choose any flowers you want but I would suggest some very early bloomers, so by the time your lawn will be ready to mow, the flowers would be gone. When you cut the grass you will cut the stem of already dead flowers and will help the bulbs get stronger for the next year. Mowing will save the juice and the energy will go back to your bulbs which otherwise will be used for producing seeds. See, how many good things can come from the mole hole!  

Don't forget to take care of your hands & skin when you get into the tasks of digging, sowing and pruning. Liquid Skin Salve for Gardeners will do it for you, just spray it on your hands after washing the dirt off, then rub it in to soothe your skin.

          Happy gardening!

                          Tanya Sutton

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