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What is sunburn?

We protect ourselves from the sun but it is easy to be overexposed, especially if it is your first time really outside. So, what happens then?  When the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays enter skin cells, they upset the delicate balance that affects the skin’s growth and how we look.
When skin gets overexposed to the sun the UV rays penetrate deeper layers of skin, ruining normal cell functions. This activates our body’s defense reaction: inflammation. Our skin will repair damage. Skin’s surface (epidermis) grows “inside out” which means that new skin cells appear at the deeper layer, then they rise to the upper layers of skin, and form the surface layer of skin. It’s like a lawn, starting from the ground up. The skin’s surface constantly sheds older cells from the outer layer and replaces them with new ones from below. But sunburn causes the main layer of skin (the dermis) to swell, blister, peel off, and cause pain.
Here comes the problem: how do we protect our skin from becoming inflamed, swelling, blistering and hurting so much?

We need to help the cells in the main layer as soon as possible after the overexposure to the sun. Ordinary skin moisturizers stay on the surface of the skin, trying to hydrate (moisturize with water) and seal the surface, which doesn't help the main layer, doesn’t prevent blistering or ease the pain. We used organic chemistry to create a formula that penetrates into the skin and delivers ingredients that the skin needs when you feel the sunburn starting. Our After-Sun Solution restores the natural moisturizing factors (not water) to damaged cells, so the skin starts its normal functions again.
The natural moisturizing factors in After-Sun Solution include ones made by the skin:
Allantoin, urea, squalene, and hyaluronic acid, as well as amino acids and vitamins important to our skin. As we get older, it becomes harder for skin to repair itself.Over time UV damage can take a toll on your skin and its underlying connective tissue. It’s a good idea to limit your sun exposure, protect against its UV rays, and avoid the times with the most UV (10 am to 4 pm). When you feel the burn starting, move to the shade (inside is the best) and spray After-Sun-Solution on your skin!

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