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Why Liquid Skin Salve stands apart from other skin care products?

With the Fall coming the change of the weather.This is the most beautiful time of the year very colorful with the spicy sent of fallen leafs.At the same, time cold temperatures and windy weather make skin dry, irritated. It is very important to keep skin hydrated during this time of the year.

  Skin feels right by getting moisturized, not just by getting wet; water alone does not  provides hydration.

There are two main types of skin care products: moisturizers and hydrators.. Moisturizers contain oils like: Shea butter, jojoba, tea tree oil and cocoa butter. These oils seal the moisture into the skin. This protective layer get washed off every time you wash your hands.  Skin can become dry from sebaceous glands  not making enough natural skin moisturizer.

 The other type of skin care ingredients are hydrators. Hydrators are used to deliver water to the skin. Even oily skin can suffer from dehydration! The main ingredients in hydrators are water and humectants (substances which absorb water from the air or bring water from deeper layers of the dermis).

  Liquid Skin Salve provides moisturizers that are made by the skin to protect our outer layer, and hydrates skin by using glycerin, water and hyaluronic acid. Unlike some skin creams, Liquid Skin Salve does not seal the the surface with a foreign oil, instead it restores the natural skin protective layer. Skin can heal and regenerate on its own. Liquid Skin Salve  helps skin to recover faster by delivering all necessary ingredients to the troublesome areas. Liquid Skin Salve absorbs by the skin fast and stays through many washes, helping skin to recover despite everyday activities,

Help your skin stay healthy. Liquid Skin Salve is the right moisturizer to restore your skin!

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