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Essential Skin Care Set

Essential Skin Care Set

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 It's easy to try something new right now. This Essential Skin Care Set has our two best sellers: Liquid Skin Salve for Dry Skin and Liquid Skin Salve for Feet.

  Liquid Skin Salves are different from other skin care products because they:

- Contain Mageonick, a complex mixture which has been developed in the earth over millions of years, is rarely found, extremely difficult to collect, and not contained in any other skin products. Mageonick helps dry, itchy cracked skin to heal faster;

- Are easily absorbed by the skin, without greasy feeling, and stay through many washes;

- Our Salves are in liquid form, in easy spray on bottles;

- Restore skin’s natural protective layer, allowing skin to repair faster.

Liquid Skin Salves can be applied any time during the day, when your skin feels dry, renewing a naturally soft smooth feeling!



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