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Christmas special
Christmas special

Christmas special

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Are you looking for Christmas presents which will always be appreciated? Look no more.

Our Christmas special set has ten stocking stuffers: 1 oz bottles of Liquid Salve for Dry Skin.

Give relief for dry, itchy, irritated skin. Our organic non-greasy formula delivers deep hydration to your skin, supporting cell renewal. Liquid Skin Salve nourishes and renews epidermis, restores skin's natural protective layer. Enjoy the sensation of silky smooth gloves on your hands. Enchanting floral aroma enhances the refreshing effects of Sutton Liquid Skin Salve. We use only pure ingredients which are beneficial for all skin types.

We know how busy your life is. We created a top skincare product that applies in 10 seconds as a fine mist spray – in a minute you can touch anything: smartphone, keyboard and leave no trace, no greasy fingerprints.

Give your skin a break from all the hand sanitizers and handwashing.
Our Liquid Skin Salve is completely sterile – you get a fresh spritz every time.

Liquid Skin Salve will always keep your skin soft and smooth - your friends will love it!



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