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Liquid Skin Salve for Dry Skin | Sutton Family Skin Care
Before and After Photo and Testimonial | Liquid Skin Salve for Dry Skin
Liquid Skin Salve For Dry Skin - FREE Shipping
Liquid Skin Salve for Dry Skin | Sutton Family Skin Care
Liquid Skin Salve for Dry Skin | Sutton Family Skin Care
Liquid Skin Salve For Dry Skin - FREE Shipping
Liquid Skin Salve For Dry Skin - FREE Shipping

Liquid Skin Salve For Dry Skin - FREE Shipping

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  Find the relief for dry, itchy irritated skin. Enjoy the sensation of silky gloves slipping on your hands. Enchanting floral aroma enhances the refreshing effects of  Sutton Liquid Skin Salve.

We know how busy your life is. We created a top skincare product that applies in l0 seconds as a fine mist spray – in a minute you can touch anything: smartphone, keyboard and leave no trace, no greasy fingerprints.

How it works? Our skin has an ability to repair itself by growing inside out (from deeper layers to the top). To speed up the process we need to help our body to get all necessary ingredients ( building blocks) on the spot, but that is not all, these ingredients have to be in the right proportions ( we don't need more doors than windows, for example). Our Liquid Skin Salve for Dry Skin has all this, that is why it is so efficient.
  Your painful cracked skin will heal faster because Liquid Skin Salve has the ingredients that your skin makes naturally and will restore skin's natural protective layer.
 Give your skin a break from all the hand sanitizers and handwashing.
Our organic skincare product is completely sterile – you get a fresh spritz every time.
Use it every day - a 4 oz bottle will last 3-4 month.

-My wife had (yes, had) two bright red patches of eczema on both of her ankles. She had these for years, even before we were married. I felt bad for her, watching her try everything and constantly fail. I came across this spray and saw the reviews so I took a chance and bought a bottle. She applied it 2x a day and after the 1st day, we saw a difference. After a week it was very noticeable and after 3 weeks they were gone. I swear by this spray and would recommend it.-Dave

-As an RN constantly washing my hands, I needed something that was going to last between washes. The chemicals we use to clean our hands can be so harsh. I love that this product goes on smooth and isn’t greasy. At the end of the day, my hands aren’t cracked and burning. Thank you, Sutton Family Skin Care.-Love B.

 Usage: Shake well before each use. Spray 2-3 times in your hands then rub onto affected areas of skin until it feels smooth.  For intensive care, spray directly onto the affected skin. Reapply as often as needed. 

Aroma: A lightly scented fresh and clean aroma. Fresh watery notes mingle with hints of lily, sea salt, and an ocean accord. 

Size: 4 oz. individual bottle or select our Product Bundle which includes the 4 oz. bottle and two additional 1 oz. bottles, great for personalized skincare on-the-go travel and to keep a bottle in your car, purse, backpack, or at your office desk.

Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin*, Distilled Water*, Isopropanol, Essential Amino Acids (Isoleucine*, Leucine*, Lysine*, Methionine*, Phenylalanine*, Threonine*, Valine*), Nonessential Amino Acids (Alanine*, Arginine*, Aspartate*, Glutamine*, Glycine*, Proline*),  Esters of Glycerol*,  Squalene*, Urea*, Alkylglycerols*, Humic Acids*, Allantoin*, Phosphocreatine*), Vitamin B2*, Vitamin B5*, Vitamin B6*,  Vitamin C*, Citric Acid*, Hyaluronic Acid*, Kelp*, Alfalfa*, Parsley*, Rose Hips*, Potassium Sorbate*, Proprietary Blend of Essential Oils and Phthalate-free Fragrances. *Indicates Naturally Derived.

For external use only. Please keep out of eyes. Cruelty-free-not tested on animals. 100% vegan. Sulfate & Paraben-free.



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