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Lovely  gift colection for all occasios
Lovely  gift colection for all occasios

Lovely gift colection for all occasios

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Are you looking for affordable, easy, thoughtful Christmas presents? Check out our gift set here.

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    Wonderful Gift for Teachers
    1. "Each of my kid's teachers will get some skin relief. They have been working so hard, washing and sanitizing this year. I want to give them the same relief that my skin gets. I used to buy the 4 ounce bottle at the drugstore, but now I can get 10 gift size ones to share."  - Amanda D.                                      
    2. "I've been using the spray-on skin salve for years, and love it. I'm going to give these to my friends with dry skin. Nothing else works like it for my cracked dry skin."  -Joy B.


       Our awesome gift collection has ten 1 oz bottles of Liquid Salve for Dry Skin.

    When your skin is dry and rough you can't experience the world like you meant to, because one of your 5 senses does not work the way it supposed to.

    Our new, unique, organic, formula is rich in nutrients. It was designed to provide the highest levels of care for the dry skin. Glycerin and hyaluronic acid in the Liquid Skin Salve will bring moisture to your skin. Amino acids, vitamins, urea and other ingredients will help to restore skin's natural protective layer.

    Enjoy the sensation of silky smooth gloves on your hands. Enchanting floral aroma enhances the refreshing effects of Liquid Skin Salve. We use only pure ingredients which are beneficial for all skin types.

     Your life is very busy. We created a top skincare product that applies in 10 seconds as a fine mist spray and in a minute you can touch anything: smartphone, keyboard and leave no trace, no greasy fingerprints.

    Give your skin a break from all the hand sanitizers and handwashing.
    Our Liquid Skin Salve is completely sterile – you get a fresh spritz every time.

    Liquid Skin Salve will always keep your skin soft and smooth - your friends will love it!

    Liquid Skin Salve For Dry Skin was featured in an article entitled :”The 10 Best Body Care Products of



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