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Top reasons to treat your dry, itchy skin in fall and winter

winter and dry skin

Mother Nature makes this the season for skin protection.

If you have ever wondered why your skin feels dry and itchy during the seasons you are not out in the sun, it’s because sun exposure is only one factor behind skin health. There are a host of other factors that make their presence known in the colder months that make it a good idea to focus on skin protection year round.

Sutton Family Skin Care’s flagship product, Liquid Skin Salve for Dry Skin, can help your skin weather the colder months without regressing into a flaky, itchy and uncomfortable challenge.

Here are some of the primary reasons dry skin issues still crop up during the fall and winter months:

The air is dryer – Remember how much you hated the humid days of summer? Well, your skin didn’t really mind. Cold air hold much less moisture than warm air, which has the effect of drawing it out of your skin. A stiff wind amplifies the drying properties of cold air, which is one reason why your eyes water more on a windy winter day than a blustery summer day.

Your furnace pumps out dry heat – A nice, warm home feels really good on a raw late fall or winter day, but unless you have a whole-house humidifier, the heat generated by your furnace is very dry.

Same goes for your fireplace – That flame is pretty and provides a cozy feeling, but like your furnace, there is nothing moist about the warm air it produces.

Caffeine and alcohol dry your skin – Warm drinks such as coffee and hot tea feel good going down, but the caffeine they contain has a dehydrating effect on your body. The same holds true for alcoholic drinks. Counteract this effect by drinking an equal amount of water.

The sun is still the sun – The sun’s ultraviolet rays are still present regardless of whether the air temperature is 80 above zero or 20 below zero, as evidenced by the sunburn skiers exhibit after a day on the slopes. Take care to apply sunscreen and help your skin retain as much moisture as possible.

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